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Wendy Wasson Bingham

Profile Updated: December 18, 2008
Wendy Wasson
Residing In:
san francisco, CA USA
Richard Bingham
Frances and Grace
Born Oct 28, 1995
Yes! Attending Reunion
College(s) attended:

Dartmouth College




When 1979 is beginning to seem iconic in image and print, that's when you know lots of time has passed! I feel lucky to be living in SF- mostly being a community volunteer, raising kids and part time high school golf coach. After college, I worked in the arts field for about 10 years; first with some graduate work, then as a curatorial assistant at the Getty Museum, Malibu and finally in the interior design field. It seemed like lots of stints in various locations but it was work well enjoyed at the very least! Married in 1993 to Dick Bingham- we've been lucky enough to have twins girls now 13 who are at a girls school here in SF. I still think Palo Alto enjoys such great public school education and living here we can appreciate that. My husband and I have been particularly fortunate to be closely involved with the rebuilding of the California Academy of Sciences the last 10 years. It's been a great blessing for our family with the result our children love the natural sciences so that has been a focus in our family. I am a trustee at San Francisco Ballet where athleticism, art and music intersect-it continues to be a joy to give time and resources to that institution. I try to balance that art stuff out with some coaching. It's been fun to kid and cajole these high school girls to be better female golfers and take golf as a lifetime gift! In closing we've decided to take a different direction in 2009-closing our house, leaving 7th grade and taking some suitcases to Montevideo, Uruguay to participate in an orphange program and Spanish immersion program. It's been a long term goal so there's no good time like the present.
We'll see "what holds".

School Story:

Paly was a great High School Education--the critical thinking I retained is Mr. Neff's english class and his exacting standards! Mr. Hepworth's geometry in the converted class room was memorable too although not my strongpoint unless you include getting from point A to point B. We drive by Paly from time to time now with our daughters trying to inspire them as to how we could strategize to get a rental and have them attend Palo Alto High- to them the fields look like college! My favorite friend times at Paly were hanging with Kimberly Leong Lin and watching Dave Stone play basketball and football!